Finding the unknown in a place I know best.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Hey guys,
I just got back from my easter holiday break and I had a blast. I don't feel like I really got to relax, like I had hoped to do. But I did get to catch up with a bunch of people and got to have a bit of adventure as well.

One of my friends from America came and stayed whilst we are on holidays, so I got to play tour guide and tourist in my own home town, which was exciting for me.

He had heard about a boat that had a mangrove on it, so we ventured out and found it.

These boats are known as the Shipwrecks of Homebush Bay. They are floating mangroves. These boats were here because it used to be a shipwreck yard. Each of these boats were used in the wars, and now only smaller parts, of each of the four boats that sit here, remain. 

These boats look amazing and I found it fascinating that I had never seen or heard of them before. I find it unbelievable that I have never heard of them before. But I am glad that I hadn't heard of them ever before because it meant that I got a little adventure in a place that I know so much of. 

We also ate at two themed restaurants. One being outback steakhouse, which my friend was excited about. And the other was Beached Burrito company, my all time favourite mexican place.

All in all it was a good trip home. Finding new things and having fun. And eating lots of food. 

xx Kat

I'm coming home.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Hey guys,
So my break started yesterday (yay!) and I finally got to go home. So here is to my holiday back home, with my family. 

I have missed being here in all honesty, I didn't think I would miss it as much, but now that I am back here I have realised just how much I miss it here, and how much I appreciate being able to come back home in the holidays. Giving me a break from the busy Uni days.

I just wanted to say Happy Easter to you all, whether you celebrate it or not. I hope you have a nice holiday if you do get the days off. I am going to enjoy spending time with my family and stuffing my face full of food for Greek easter. And of course chocolate!

Stay safe this holiday season.
xx Kat

April Matters.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Hey guys,
How's everyone going? I thought I would do another one of these little update blog posts again. Just like I did last month. So lets get started.

1. Notice the ground underneath you feet will come out this month. March was kind of crazy and I didn't get around to posting it up, so I will do so at the end of April instead. But it is still going to happen.

2. I have come up with a plan for the month of May, which I will share with you all later on this month, it should be fun and test me to my limits. But I am looking forward to seeing if I can challenge myself and I am going to need to plan ahead for that one. So get excited for that.

3. I get to go home for a holiday at the end of this week, so I hope to pack as much as possible in during that week as I can. Which I will hopefully blog about.

4. I am going to start doing a monthly review post. Showing you any pictures that have been taken during the month that has past. This will help me with my 'Take more photos' goal that I made at the beginning of the year. Which I will highlight my favourite moments of the month past.

5. I hope to explore some more throughout the rest of this month, so I hope to do so and share it with you guys. 

6. Blog more.

That's about it for April. I now have to go back to doing my Uni work, which seems to take up a majority of my time these days.
xx Kat

St Kilda adventure.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Hey guys,
Today I went on a little adventure, the first of it's kind this time round, to one of my favourite places in Melbourne, St Kilda. I mainly did this because I have a photography assignment due this coming week and thought St Kilda would be a good place to take photos. But the main reason is because I love it there.
I took with me my trusted bag, full of things to explore with, and my camera loaded with 35mm film, yes that's that old school stuff. And ventured off into the sunshine.

Armed with my bag I hopped on the tram and hoped not to get lost. This was my first time going to St Kilda from this direction of Melbourne, so I figured that I would most likely get lost. Which I did. I had to switch trams half way, and didn't know which side of the road the other tram stopped at. So I missed it. But the good thing was that this was the only hick-up of the day.

Eventually I got to St Kilda and got to enjoy it in the sun. 
I walked along the beach and slowly made my way along my favourite markets, gazing at the wonders that were being sold, but not being able to buy much, besides a ring from a stall I love and some carmel fudge.

I managed to get everything I needed for my assignment, as well as enjoy being back there, for the first time this year.

I then had to meet up with  my cousin in the city, so I hopped on another tram and headed into the city, stopping at south bank. I walked along the river and enjoyed the sun and the general atmosphere of the area. And met my cousin at a cut little restaurant under a bridge, where we ate food and caught up.

This is one thing that I love about living in Melbourne. Things like this, and days like these.

xx Kat

Things I have learnt moving out of home.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Hey guys,
So I have been living out of home now for just over a month and I have learnt a few very important lessons, that I never had the chance to learn before. So I thought I would share my little 'tips' with you.

1. When shopping for food, don't buy just snacky foods, actually buy some decent food, that you can eat for dinner and reuse for lunch. Also try to be healthy about it, no piles of instant noodles and pork buns.

2. Don't annoy your roommates, they may just get you back in a bad and gross way, that will make you not want to go to sleep at night.

3. Find the cheapest version of what you are buying, so that you can save money and spend money on having fun and partying with your roommates.

4. Don't let drunk you write anything down. It doesn't matter what you are writing, don't let it happen.

5. Or do, write an apology letter to yourself for the morning after a big party. This can turn out great and hilarious, and is quite entertaining to read the next day.

6. Expect your roommates to borrow your kitchen stuff and food. It happens, a lot.

7. If your roommate doesn't clean there plates and cutlery, put them in a box to get them out of the way. It gets the kitchen cleaner.

8. If there is free food on campus, go get it. It saves you money and means that you can make your food back home last for just that little bit longer, without having to go to the supermarket.

9. Eating out is expensive, avoid it as often as you can.

10. Keep on top of your work at all times, no matter what is going on with your friends and that one party, that week. It's is a relief to not worry about it. 

11. Keep some fun in you day/week, being busy can get a bit too much. So lighten up your week a little, by doing something that won't cost you a tone and won't distract you for too long.

12. Make memories, these are the days you will cherish for the rest of your life. Make those friends and have fun with them.

13. A car is extremely useful, not having one can be a big pain.

These are just some of the lessons I have learnt since moving out. And they are some super important lessons when you are a slightly poor uni student.

Just remember always have fun.
xx Kat